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All Brother Nature Companion Plant seeds available on our site are listed below. Companion planting methods provide beneficial results to any garden space. For best results growing several selection below through out your garden and within your zone, will add to the over all health of your plants and harvests. Each plant provides a different benefit from attracting birds and bees; to masking scents and replacing lost nutrients. Click an image to view planting instructions & details about each seed.
Bee Balm - A slow spreading plant that has a great aroma. Sprinkle its leaves and flowers in fruit salads. Good plant for poor, well drained soil. It has a unique flowering habit, funky seed heads which makes it a gorgeous as a cut flower. Butterflies and hummingbirds love this plant and it is drought tolerant and deer resistant. Note that the bergamot herb is not the source of bergamot oil. - Click for more details!
Seed: Bee Balm
Latin: Monarda didyma
Variety: Croftway Pink
Colour: Pink
Bloom: July to August
Site: Full Sun or Part Shade
Quantity: 50 Seeds
Zone: 4
Calendula - Very easy to grow in even poor soil. Extremely versatile. Also considered a herb. The leaves and petals can be used in salad. This plant will also repel insects when planted in borders of your garden.Producing brilliant orange flowers that add colour to your garden and sa Plant as a border in your garden to help repel harmful insects and attract early pollenators. Self sows, making it a great soil stabilizer on sloped or disturbed areas. - Click for more details!
Seed: Calendula
Latin: Calendula officinalis
Variety: Pot Marigold
Colour: Orange
Bloom: June to September
Site: Full Sun or Part Shade
Quantity: 50 Seeds
Zone: 2
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