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Annuals add color and diversity to any garden space. Planting an annual bed allows room for different style of garden bed each year. Annuals can be used to for temporary colour while your perennial plants are in their first year. Planting annual flower in you vegetable garden attract beneficial insects and pollinators that will assist in pest control and help to produce abundant healthy crops. All our seed is germination tested and chemical and GMO free.
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Cosmo - An old favorite of home gardeners all over. Provides tall airy foliage and loads of cut flowers in white, pink and purple shades as well as bi-colour blooms. Very easy to grow and actually prefers sandy soils. Plant outside 6 mm deep in May and get flowers 8 weeks later right up until first frost. Great plant for a child's garden. - Click for more details!
Seed: Cosmo
Latin: Cosmo
Variety: Mix
Colour: Pink & White
Bloom: June to September
Site: Full Sun or Part Shade
Quantity: 100 Seeds
Zone: 2
Cosmo Mix - This fabulous flower is an easy to grow mix of pink and white with its petals curled into a tube.  Prefers poor soil conditions and shelter from strong winds.  Cosmos are great for cut flowers for their unique flowers and airy foliage. - Click for more details!
Seed: Cosmo Mix
Latin: Cosmos bipinnatus
Variety: Seashell Mix
Colour: Red, Pink, White
Bloom: June to September
Site: Full Sun or Part Shade
Quantity: 50 Seeds
Zone: 2
Datura - Vividly coloured, trumpet shaped flowers are followed by spiky ornamental seedpods, which are long lasting and suited for cut arrangements. Do not eat the seeds or any other part of this plant. May be poisonous. Not attractive to animals. Self sows. - Click for more details!
Seed: Datura
Latin: Datura inoxia
Variety: Fleur De Lilac
Colour: Purple
Bloom: June to August
Site: Full Sun or Part Shade
Quantity: 50 Seeds
Zone: 3
Evening Scented Stock - This plant enjoys Full Sun, attracts butterflies & is AMAZINGLY SWEET SCENTED! A small grouping of plants will fill your senses with an intoxicating sweet aroma in early evening. Easily grown in a variety of conditions, but does best in even moisture.These plants produce a profusion of lilac flowers. Once you have grown them once, you will never want to be without them again. For cut flowers, choose stems with flowers that have just opened. Delicately strip the foliage that will fall below the water level, and place in water immediately. Fabulously scented and delicate addition for baskets, beds and borders. - Click for more details!
Seed: Evening Scented Stock
Latin: Matthiola Bicornis
Variety: Evening Scented
Colour: Purple
Bloom: June to September
Site: Full Sun or Part Shade
Quantity: 100 Seeds
Zone: 2
Velvet Queen Sunflower -  A beautiful addition to your garden. Birds will flock to the flowers when the seeds are ripe providing a natural bird feeder or collect the seed head for your self for next years planting. Very sturdy in poor soil but an avid producer in evenly moist soils.
 - Click for more details!
Seed: Velvet Queen Sunflower  
Latin: Helianthus annum
Variety: Velvet Queen
Colour: Red
Bloom: July to September
Site: Full Sun
Quantity: 25 Seeds
Zone: 2
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