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Great News! Brother Nature is expanding. We excited to announce our expanded location
Our grow space has dramatically increased and as a result we have decided to add to our current selections. In order to bring new varieties in, we like any farmer needed to out source certified organic seed supplier, and purchased a few new Certified Organic varieties, to accomplish our goal of giving you, the consumer, a larger selection.

We are super excitied about our new opportunity, and much forward planning is needed to ensure success of the new location and any new varities we wish to grow. One of thing we needed to know about bringing in new varieties is:

Will they pass a consumer market viabilty test?
EG: does the public want them?
To grow an entire crop of seed without testing market viabilty is not recommended.

As a result, we are using the surplus of our newly outsourced Organic non GMO seeds to test long term consumer market viability. If the result is positive, we will grow out those varieties and make them permanent addition to the Brother Nature Certified Organic Family.

Seeds that are certified display a Certified Organic Logo. Please note that, whenever possible we outsource from Certified Organic growers to increase our selections and allow us to offer more and expand our certified organic collection in subsequent years. We appreciate your trust in this long awaited and exciting time of expansion of Brother Nature. As always, we will strive to meet all Certified Organic Standards for the health our business, our clients and Mother Nature. Safe Seed Pledge.

Also note that as of this year all our flower seeds will no longer be certified. They are grown in the same garden as the certified vegetables and herbs to add diversity and to attract pollenators. All our Vegetable and Herbs are and will continue to be Certified Organic and inspected by the Pacific Agricultural Committee.

Thank you for your continued patronage while we continue to grow....

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12/9/2019 7:44:56 PM
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