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Colorful Salad Bowl Collection
A delicious, nutritious & colorful appetizing mix that will provide an abundance of flavour to your garden salads and garnishes.

Cucumber - Produces loads of deep green smooth straight 8 inch long cucumbers that are 2 to 2.5 inches across. Very dependable producers with delicious flavour and juiciness. Perfect salad toppers and firm enough for decorative garnishes. Best grown in trellises.
(cucumis sativus)
Easter Egg Radish - A selection of uniformly sized radishes that matures in 25 days. They add great colour, flavor,Vitamin A & C  to salads and meals. Try eating the seed pod after the plant has bolted. radish can be planted to discourage cucumber beetle, squash bug,and stink bug. Staggered plantings can provide fresh radish all season.
Easter Egg Radish
(Raphanus sativus)
Green Ruffles Lettuce - This appetizing, ruffled leaf lettuce is cold resistant.This makes it a great choice for early Spring or early Autumn crops. Pick by the leaf or harvest the entire plant for large servings. Successive sowing is recommended for full head harvesters. When sown in warmer months provide even moisture,shade from the afternoon heat, and mulch to keep roots cool.
Green Ruffles Lettuce
(Lactuca sativa)
Lettuce Speckles  - A fast-growing butterhead lettuce with a mild flavour. Beautiful light green crumpled leaves, with spectacular red speckles and tops.Has thick, juicy leaves on compact plants. Perfect for small gardens and planters.
Lettuce Speckles
(Lactus sativa)
Rainbow Swiss Chard - We sell out of this very quickly every year. Its attractive Orange, Pink, Red & Yellow and white veined stems are a salad and garnish lovers best friend. An outstanding edible and ornamental cold hardy plant that adds colour to salads, garnishes and cooked vegetables dishes. All parts of this plant are edible and high in vitamin content and fibre. Tasty fresh or cooked, pick the outer leaves and allow this biennial to continue growing.

The second image is of Swiss Chard in its second year. A stunning focal point even if you're not a fan of eating it. The seed heads are even more interesting and a great natural bird feeder if you're not planning on saving the seeds.
Rainbow Swiss Chard
(Beta vulgaris)
Red Giant Mustard - A hardy annual herb and vegetable with extra large deep red leaves and delicious tangy flavour. Harvest as required using a few leaves per plant in salads and stir-fries. Ideal for using in a child's garden because of ease and speed of growth and decorative qualities.
Red Giant Mustard
(Museum ardens)
Sub Arctic Maxi Tomato - A very early producing bush type plant that does not need pruning. 2 to 3
Sub Arctic Maxi Tomato
(Lycopersicon esculentum)

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We designed these packs to make it easier to plan a garden. Plan your garden in a few clicks by acquiring one or several of these unique Variety Packs. Smart choice for first time or seasoned gardener.You will Save Money, the space you are planting will look fabulous with the specailly selected varieites in each pack. All varieities in the Variety Pack Collections are individually packaged, giving you full control of the amount of each herb, vegetable, tomato or flower you wish to grow. There is enough seed in every pack to guarantee an amazing result, or even share with a friend!

The individual packages of seeds (complete with instruction ) comes with an attractive white envelope, with the name and photo of each variety printed on the front. Makes a great gift for that special gardener in your life!

  • If you choose to store unused seed, please provide a cool dry & dark place for next year. The fridge is a great place to store seed. Keeping the seeds cold, keeps them dormant so they can save all their energy for the following season
  • Canadian orders only for Variety Packs due to International regulations.
Sample Envelope Only - The seeds in the your chosen variety are displayed in the images :

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