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1180+ Seeds!
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100% Organically Grown
Flavor Pack Herb Collection
A dozen tasty varieties of plants that will provide all the flavourings you need to become a gourmet chef! These plants have the added bonus of being drought tolerant and deer resistant. An easy way to grow a herb garden and a great way to show off your good gardening tastes. Great money saver! Used to disguise other plants odors as well as attracting pollinating & predatory insects & birds. Using a combination of these elements we offer this selection of easy to grow plants that will help restore a healthy,balanced, organic garden.

Bronze Leaf Fennel  - Striking bronze tinged foliage with a sweet black licorice flavor.  Produces lots of tiny licorice flavored seeds as well as ferny foliage for flower bouquet greenery. An outstanding perennial that you and your children will love! The best attractor of Hover Flies, a pest predator.
Bronze Leaf Fennel
(Foeniculum vulgare)
Celery - Low in calories and high in flavor, celery is used in soups & stews for flavouring roasts. A crispy addition to salad or other vegetable dishes. Prefers rich, well drained, evenly moist soil.
(Apium graveolens)
Cilantro   - Delicious in every way. Fast growing and great for flavouring soups and meats with its leaves and stems or its aromatic seeds. Widely used in  salsas or guacamole and is also used in many curry recipes. The leaves make an attractive garnish topping.
(Coriandrum sativum)
Culinary Sage - Attractive, drought tolerant and produces unique purple flowers. Use for flavouring meat,soups,stews, salads and stuffing. Prune early in Spring to help keep plants bushy. Highly aromatic and may be used as a gargle to aid in soothing inflammation of nose and throat. Easy to grow.
Culinary Sage
(Salvia officinalis)
Dill - Quick growing plant with an abundance of flower heads and an intense dill flavor. Successful cultivation of dill requires hot summers; full sun and rich, well drained soil. Use is soups sauces, pickling and spicing up a favorite dip. Do not plant near fennel if saving seed or cross pollination may occur. Butterflies love Dill.Deer resistant.
(Anethum graveolens)
Garlic Chives - This perennial herb is similar to  flowering chives but has  flat leaves and a great medium garlic flavour. Flowers are extremely tasty and can be used for dried arrangements. Once you have them you find its a fantastic mild garlic flavour that adds just the right touch to any dish where garlic is required.
Garlic Chives
(allium schoenoprasum)
Genovese Basil -  These beauties produce spicy, heavily scented and flavoured leaves perfect for fresh pesto sauces. Dark green large leaves on tall plants that are slow to flower assisting in long harvest and excellent production. Hint: Use room temperature water rather than tap water for better production. Water seedlings far from stems(bottom watering highly recommended)especially when young. Like most herbs is also deer resistant.
Genovese Basil
(Ocimum basilcum)
Lemon Balm - Lemon scented flavour make this  plant an excellent garnish and a delicious tea for colds. Also effective as a companion plant or bug barrier.

When watering seed that needs light to germinate, it is important that you either use a spray bottle to keep the soil moist or water from the bottom by using a tray and filling the tray with water that allows the soil to soak up the water from the bottom up. Not using one of the 2 ways suggested may push the seed into the soil which will not allow optimal light conditions for proper germination. Also, be sure to sow Lemon Balm in bunches of 3,5 or 7 seeds to create the clump effect as sowing only one seed will only provide one small plant that will take a longer time to allow for harvest or to create the desired bug barrier effect. Lemon balm has a short root stock is  and the stems are square and branch out at each joint. The leaves are heart shapes,toothed and emit a amazingly sweet lemon fragrance when bruised.There distinct lemon taste makes them a perfect choice for tea. Lemon Balms flowers in small loose bunches from June to October.
Lemon Balm
(Melissa officinalis)
Oregano - Semi hardy perennial that produces a bountiful crop of pleasantly aromatic  foliage and flowers.  For optimum growth and flavour, plant in fertile, moisture retentive soil. Oregano is often used in tomato sauces, meats and stews and is a great addition to any spicy dish.
(Oreganum vulgare)
Parsley - Parsley flavour complements any dish without ever dominating the taste. This variety features deep green, ruffled foliage and has a vigorous growth habit. It is a biennial or tender perennial that when planted with roses enhances their fragrance. Also used extensively as a garnish and for its superior breath freshening qualities.
(Petroselinum sativum)
Sweet Basil - Produces large, sweet and flavourful leaves for using fresh or frozen (in ice cubes)or dried. Scent is much milder than other varieties making it a favorite for fresh use. Hint: Use air temperature water rather than tap water for better production. Water seedlings far from stems(bottom watering highly recommended)especially when young.
Sweet Basil
(Ocimum basilcum)
Welsh Onion - Also known as Japanese bunching onion or scallion. This onion does not produce bulbs but instead clumps of large hollow leaves, up to 50 cm tall, and is cold hardy. A plentiful early option to using flowering chives or other onion greens in salad, sandwiches and other dishes. Provides white globe shaped flowers in late Spring making it a desirable pest deterring companion plant. Deer resistant!
Welsh Onion
(Allium fistulosum)

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We designed these packs to make it easier to plan a garden. Plan your garden in a few clicks by acquiring one or several of these 15 unique Variety Packs Smart choice for first time or seasoned gardener.You will Save Money, the space you are planting will look fabulous with the specailly selected varieites in each pack. All varieities in the Variety Pack Collections are individually packaged, giving you full control of the amount of each herb, vegetable, tomato or flower you wish to grow. There is enough seed in every pack to guarantee an amazing result, or even share with a friend!

The individual packages of seeds (complete with instruction ) comes with an attractive white envelope, with the name and photo of each variety printed on the front. Makes a great gift for that special gardener in your life!

  • If you choose to store unused seed, please provide a cool dry & dark place for next year. The fridge is a great place to store seed. Keeping the seeds cold, keeps them dormant so they can save all their energy for the following season
  • Canadian orders only for Variety Packs due to International regulations.
Sample Envelope Only - The seeds in the your chosen variety are displayed in the images :

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