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Dried Flowers: Below is a list of all seeds available that produce a dried flower. Dried flower arrangements are a wonderful way to spruce up dark corners or those dreary winter months of winter.
Click an image to view planting instructions & details about each seed.
Cupids Dart - Cupids dart blooms in its first year. It has attractive gray green foliage with paper like purple/blue blooms that make superb dried flowers with colour that lasts for ages. Cupids Dart is drought tolerant once established. - Click for more details!
Seed: Cupids Dart
Latin: Catananche coerulea
Variety: Cupids Blue Dart
Colour: Blue
Bloom: June to August
Site: Full Sun or Part Shade
Quantity: 35 Seeds
Zone: 4
Hollyhock - Stunning mix of tall flowers that make a stunning back drop for any space. Blooming in late June on. Excellent cut flower. Great for the back of borders & beds. Appreciates wind protection. - Click for more details!
Seed: Hollyhock
Latin: alcea
Variety: openly pollinated mix
Colour: Pink
Bloom: June to August
Site: Full Sun
Quantity: 50 Seeds
Zone: 2
Lychnis Maltese Cross - This outstanding beauty has bright green, lance shaped leaves  offset by striking scarlet red flowers, borne on stiffly erect stems. Does well in sandy soils in full sun. - Click for more details!
Seed: Lychnis Maltese Cross
Latin: Lychnus chalcedonica
Variety: Maltese Cross
Colour: Red
Bloom: July to September
Site: Full Sun
Quantity: 100 Seeds
Zone: 4
Sweet Oxe Eye - Clump forming plant with large hairy heart shaped aromatic leaves remaniscent of cane sugar. Attracts butterflys and beneficial insects with  3.5  in. bright yellow fuzzy flowers on 4 to 6 ft. upright stems. An easy care standout that does well in moist areas and shade. - Click for more details!
Seed: Sweet Oxe Eye
Latin: Telekia speciosa
Variety: Species
Colour: Yellow
Bloom: June to July
Site: Part Shade
Quantity: 125 Seeds
Zone: 9
Velvet Queen Sunflower -  A beautiful addition to your garden. Birds will flock to the flowers when the seeds are ripe providing a natural bird feeder or collect the seed head for your self for next years planting. Very sturdy in poor soil but an avid producer in evenly moist soils.
 - Click for more details!
Seed: Velvet Queen Sunflower  
Latin: Helianthus annum
Variety: Velvet Queen
Colour: Red
Bloom: July to September
Site: Full Sun
Quantity: 25 Seeds
Zone: 2
Wallflower - Scented goddess. The perfect border plant that is great in beds. This early, lengthy bloomer provides masses of sweetly scented flowers in marbled  and solid colours. Plant in a sunny, open position in well drained fertile soil. Cut back after blooming leaving  only a few leaves on each stem. Spectacular cut-flower. The incredible aroma easily fills a room. Very easy to grow and deer resistant. Great early Spring scent and colour. Will bloom early as  February in warm climates. - Click for more details!
Seed: Wallflower
Latin: Erysimum cheiri
Variety: Monarch Fair Lady
Colour: Red,Yellow,Orange Mix
Bloom: May to July
Site: Full Sun or Part Shade
Quantity: 100 Seeds
Zone: 8

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