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Our History

Brother Nature Certified Organic Seeds sprang to life in 2002 driven by a passion for nature, healthful gardening & an inexpensive way to provide fail safe, healthy seeds and plants, for our own private greenhouses, that supplied our 25 year old landscaping business. We located a suitable plot on a Historic Farm in the Cowichan Valley, BC, Canada and began our project. It was tremendously successful hobby that has blossomed into a successful business, which required us to move and expand on West Saanich Road, Victoria, BC, Canada.

The staff of Brother Nature include 2 full time and 2 part time employees. So as you can imagine we are busy as bees and love every minute of it. Our goal is not to provide large quanities of seed, so much as a large selelction.Many of the seeds we offer are Heirloom and Heritage, and we strongly encourage you saving seed of the plants you grow, so you may use them again next year and help us keep truly healthy seed strains alive for future generations. I will not go into the importance of the future of food because you are already on this site you are most certainly aware of the trouble with GMO'S, fertilizer, pesticides.


While many of the seeds we sell we will always carry, we also enjoy bringing in previously non certified organic seed and going through the process of turning it into a certified, vegetable and flower alike. There is something new every year. What was once a simple hobby has flourished into a beautiful and satisfying business and lifestyle that we have enjoyed for well over a decade..

If you have any questions or comments or even a suggestion of a plant you would like to see join our 300 plus and growing list of Certified Organic Seeds please feel free to call us at (250) 661-2255 or email us at


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