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Our New Seed List. We have decided it is time to begin adding to our selections again. It is often a time consuming and paperwork filled process but we hope youll find it was worth our efforts. Variety is the spice of life and there is a hidden world out there we wish to bring forth. Our focus is now shifted to concentrating on lesser known varieties, that have proven themselves worthy of reintroducing to the dinner table and garden spaces.

Everyone has their favorites...these are some of ours. Some are limited stock and will go quickly. So keep an eye on us...there is some varieties you simply HAVE to try....


Velvet Queen Sunflower -  A beautiful addition to your garden. Birds will flock to the flowers when the seeds are ripe providing a natural bird feeder or collect the seed head for your self for next years planting. Very sturdy in poor soil but an avid producer in evenly moist soils.
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Seed: Velvet Queen Sunflower  
Latin: Helianthus annum
Variety: Velvet Queen
Colour: Red
Bloom: July to September
Site: Full Sun
Quantity: 25 Seeds
Zone: 2
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11/18/2017 11:10:21 AM
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