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CERTIFIED ORGANIC TOMATO PLANTS $.400 each 1 and 2 feet tall in 1 gallon pots. 15 varieities available.
If your looking for the SEED to these tomatoes. Use the search feature above...
Bulk purchases $3.00 (20 or more) only 250 plants left....
We are local growers. These are seed germination tests from our seed company that we see no sense in wasting. So we pot up the strongest plants and sell them local health concious people.
NEW NUMBER Call 250 661 2255 to view or email us

TOMATO PLANTS ... but we will have mostly early harvest varieties, but we also have trusted midseason, late season, determinate, indeterminate, beefsteak and midsize and many types of cherry tomatoes this year. We also have a range of colors reds yellows & blacks. Something for everyone. Standard, gourmet and rare....the choice is yours. Call 250 661 2255 to pick a time to view that is convenient for you. $4.00 each.Bulk purchases $3.00 each. (20 or more).More information on growing needs available on site.
Plants available to Vancouver Island residents only.Sorry we do not ship. Delivery available to regular clients of our siste company Brincks Landscaping & Maintenance.

Brandy Wine Heirloom
Brandywine tomatoes can bear fruit up to 1.5 lbs (0.7 kg), requiring 80 to 100 days to reach maturity, making it among the slowest maturing varieties of common tomato cultivars. Brandywine has been described as having a "great tomatoey flavor. (others have called it a beautifully sweet tomato that is offset by a wonderful acidity), leading to heavy usage despite the original cultivar's relatively low yield per plant. Its fruit has the beefsteak shape and pinkish flesh, as opposed to the deep red of more common store bought varieties. Even when fully ripe, the tomato can have green shoulders near the stem.
Native Sun (Yellow Beefsteak)

Determinate, mid size early yellow tomato.
Refreshing flavour will have you eating them right off the vine

Mountain Princess
An old faithful favorite. Great medium size, flavouful tomaote. Determinate
Tiny Tim
Tiny cherry tomatoes that grow in clusters like grapes. Perfect for picking and popping in your mouth . Or adding whole to that fresh garden salad.
Apple of Novi sad (Rare) from Serbia.

(Rare) from Serbia.Excellent for our climate. Proven producer.
A very productive uniform medium size, midseason red tomato. Performs great outside without special treatment.

Black Prince Heirloom

(Rare) 3 inches across, brick red with black colouring. Mid season producer with smokey,rich flavour. Very reliable. Gourmet variety.

Japanese Black Trifele Heirloom
3 inch rare deep bronzy coloured with pear shape. Great midseason.Refeshing intense flavor and avid producer.Russian origin. In Russia the Trifele varieties of tomatoes (of which there are several colors) are highly prized and command big prices. This short potato leaf plant yields prolific quantities of 6 oz. fruit that looks like a beautiful mahogany-colored Bartlett pear with greenish shoulders. Very tasty flesh with a meaty core that produces luscious fruit all summer long. The Black Trifele is one of the blackest varieties available and is resistant to cracking. Indeterminate. (81 days)
Coyote White Cherry *RARE
Heirloom A sweet, jewel-like, 1/2-inch yellow cherry, borne in an abundant crop. VERY TASTY! Indeterminate. 75 Days
Sweetie Cherry
Prolific producer. Sweet just like the name. Low acid.Indeterminate.
Sweet 100's Heirloom
Extremely sweet grape like clusters of cherry tomatoes on vigorous vines that can grow up to 8 or more feet.
Red & Yellow Pear Cherry Heirloom

Great for smaller gardens. Abundant crop of pear shaped tomaotes.Great in pots or even hanging baskets. These were such a hit last year. Alot of great feedback. Wonderful heirloom variety which ripens later than other cherries but are definitely worth the wait. The pale-yellow, mild and soft tomatoes are miniature pears in shape and they appear by the hundreds on a tall plant. Colourful in salads, sliced or in preserves.

Voyage Tomato *
Highly unusual and rare which is odd as it is highly prolific and a definite conversation piece. Producing 12 to 16 oz fruits with mini fruits clustered together that can be picked off and eaten individually like grapes.
Purple Tomatillo *
Best Salsa making tomato. Tomaotes are 2 inch firm purple fruits that are not pithy when ripe. Combination of sweet and sour flavour.
Yellow Stuffer *
Huge Tomatoe perfect for stuffing. Awesome yellow color with a shape that resembles a Yellow Pepper. Determinate
Sub Artic Early *

Perfect Tomaot plants for our climate. Sub Artic Early tomatoes are tolerant of cooler conditions and set a heavy yields. Smooth skinned,bite sized globe shaped fruits. Compact early bloomers that ripen in August.This compact variety is excellent for a container garden. 42 days

Giant Ox Hearts
Black Russian
Rare, juicy,indeterminate.
Mountain Princess
Relaible to ripen outside. Medium size,fresh and mildly zesty.
  Tangerine Tomato Now noted the highest in antioxidant qualities. Healthiest tomatoe you could EVER eat. Check out this link.
Red Fig
Cherry Tomatoe
Pickling and Market More
Boughhem Melon
Dundoo Zucchini
Mixed Salad Greens
Honey Bear,Black Beauty

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