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OTHER SERVICES WE OFFER by our Sister Company Brincks Landscaping

Many are far beyond any size you would find in a commercial nursery and will be priced to sell.
A visit to the property is highly recommended.
Bring your questions.....Gardening advice free. 25 years experience
Affordable Landscape & Maintenance Services also available from our sister company
Brincks Landscaping & Maintenance
All Garden & Lawn Maintenance Services,Installations,plants, organic seeds. Anything to do with your garden spaces...we can help.250 661 2255
ALL LARGE, WELL ESTABLISHED PLANTS in 1, 3, 5 and 10 gallon pots.
Priced to Sell...Worth a Visit. Reclaiming space from our nursery to install gardens.
1159 Wychbury Ave. 250 661 2255.
10% off Power Raking Package Deal

Regular Lawn Maintenence from $20.00

Tomatoes 15 varieties READY TO GO!!!! $3.00 and $4.00 each. Healthy 1 to 2ft plants. 250 661 2255

2nd and 3rd year Perennials- All Ready only $4.00 well established. Will bloom this year. MANY DEER RESISTANT.
I have these in my own front yard which has regular morning visitors.
Snow in Summer Babies Breath Pink Catanache Echinecea purple or white Coreopsis
snow in summer
Awesome trailing border plants. Especially if staggered with pink babies breath along borders. Full Sun. Deer resistant.
pink babies breathAwesome trailing border plants. Especially if staggered with snow in summer along borders. Full Sun or Part Shade. Well drained soil. Drought tolerant Deer resistant
catanache or cupids dart
Catanche a.k.a Cuids Dart requires well drained soil and full sun licaion. Gorgeous papery flower that holds stromg color when it dreis. Great for longstanding dried arrangements. Cut when blooms just begin to open for best drying results. Deer Resistant
Great cut flower.Easy to grow.Drought tolerant and Deer resistant.

Beneficial to any garden. Ladybugs love this plant and I often find them breeding on it. Great addition for a vegetable garden or perennial bed. Well drained soil is preferred along with a sunny location.

Elegant long stems on compact mound like plants. Best planted en masse for that wow effect.

Sweet Oxe Eye Daisy Babies Breath Dianthus Sweetly Scented White or Red Maltese Cross



Such a sweet scent. Great border plant.Erect mix of colored flowers.Enjoys a partial shade location for ample bloom and does best in even moisture.You can cut flowers all season long.Deer Resistant
Tall,stunning early Spring bloomer. Packs a punch for a 2 week bloom. Full Sun. Deer Resistant

Corn flower        

Ferns (Sold Out) $4.00 1 gallon pots(Columbine) Mixed Colors
Great for areas that are moist or wet.
Awesome Yellow color.
Peony 1 left
$5.00 ! gallon pot

Daylilies Hostas $4.00
Standard Green- Tall White flowers. Great for shady locations
Easter Lily $5.00
Mammoth For Eating the Seed Ring Of Fire -Awesome cutflowers Autumn Beauty Awesome cutflowers Velvet Queen Picture of actual plants below.
Healthy, Strong and ready for planting.
Mammoth sunflower plant
Ring Of Fire  Sunflower
Vegetables and Herbs . Tomatoes can be found here.
Flowering Chives Lavender Basil Cilantro Fennel

Mild Onion Flavour and very striking salad garnish.EAT the flowers on your baked potatoe and salads.Flowering chives are a must have in any garden even if your not a huge onion fan. It encourages pollenators in your vegetable garden and provides color through out the season. Harvest midseason for another burst in the fall. Deer resistant

Large healthy Lavender
3 and 5 gallon and purple available. $10-$20. Beautifully scented. In flower now.

Lemon & Mixed & Thai
1 gal. pots. Several plants per pot.
1 gallon pot. Several plants per pot. $3.00
1 left plant is 2 feet tall already. $3.00
Georges Chocolate Peppers Medium to Hot $5.00
Raspberries 3 types 1 3 and 5 gallon $7.50 Mixed Lettuce $1.00 Dundoo Zucchini Squash $3.00 Squash 3 types Black Beauty,Round Zuchini (makes great interesting pumpkins)
Pickling Cucmbers $4.00
2 per pot
Strawberry Baskets $7.00
Mints $3.00
Chocolate mint $3.00
Oregano $4.00 large plants.3 gallon pots. Also easily divided to share with a friend.
Garlic Chives
$3.00 each. Extrememly flavourful.
Winter Savoury $3.00 Brocolli 1 gallon pots. Simpson Lettuce

Fig Trees, 2 left, 5 feet tall in large pots. $25.00
Butterfly Bush
Winter Jasmine Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus) Rose of Sharon (actual plants)
Super bargain!! Beautifully scented.Long Established.
1 gallon pots $9.00, 3 gallon pots $12.00.A few larger are available. Winter jasmine plants reach 4' in height with a width of 7' when unsupported. Supported, they can reach 15' in height. Stems stay green in winter.Grow winter jasmine plants in full sun to partial sun, in well-drained soils.

It is best to grow Rose of Sharon in full sun, though it can tolerate up to part shade.The flowers are 2-5" wide, in shades of white, pink, red, blue, purple, and violet. There is often a different spot of color in the middle of the throat. Rose of Sharon grows to approximately 8-12' tall and 6' wide, with a vase shape.
1 gal pot $10.00
3 gal pot $20.00
5 gal pot $30.00

The stunning Rose of Sharon will help bring a bit of tropical beauty to your gardens. The blooms that arrive later in the summer will help revive your garden after the flurry of spring flowers.

Sold Out
Yew Trees
Sold Out
Mock Orange Phildelphus
Sold Out

Variegated Holly
Sold Out

    Blue Climbing Rose
Large Variegated California Privet Magnolia
Vigourous climber.Gorgeous purple/blue toonie sized flowers. Great on trellises or anywhere it can climb. Full Sun.1 and 3 gallon pots.

Forsythia Weigelia Pierras 2 left #7 pots $25.00 Viburnum Mock Orange Sold Out
Lilacs variety 1 left of bi color.3 purple 2 white. Picture is of plants for sale. Winter Jasmine Summer Jasmine Snow Ball Bush Honey Suckle 1 small left $7.00

Regular & Climbing

Cotoneaster Bamboo Heavenly Bamboo Sold Out
Camelia 2 available. Established roots on very large plants. $40 & $45.00 Rhodos $15.00 1 gallon pots. Varigated Holy Sold Out    
Birch Moutain Ash Red Bud Maple Staghorn Sumac


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