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Type: Perennial
Seed #: 20
Common Name: Scabiosa
Latin Name: Scabiosa caucasia
Variety: Mixed
Colour: Purples and Yellow
Temperature: 20C - 25C (68F - 77F) (Zone 4)
Zone: 4
Blooms: May to July
Site: Full Sun
Height: 50cm - 120cm (20" - 47")
Spread: 25cm - 30cm (10" - 12")
Seeds per pack: 30
Price: $4.00
Plant these to encourage birds and butterflies to visit your garden frequently. This plant produces amazing cutflower. This plant is deer resistant. This plant is a great water saver. Also perfect for the busy lifestyle gardener or just that dry area where nothing seems to grow.

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Notes: Scabiosa is also known as Knautia. This plant is drought tolerant, deer resistant, a great cut flower and attracts butterflies in bloom and birds when going to seed. Self sows and new plants are easy to transplant elsewhere in Spring if needed. The dried heads look great in dried flower arrangements.Great for that dry area in your garden. Does well in dry conditions like borders or rock gardens.

Instructions: Sow 3 mm deep. Germination is14 to 20 days.

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Echinacea - A bouquet sweet scent fills a room and the birds love the seed heads in winter garden. Echinacea is reputed to increase the bodies resistance to infection and colds. Scented, deer resistant ,drought tolerant and attracts beneficial insects. Striking purple daisy like flowers with orange and golden  brown central cones.  A very frost hardy plant that likes full sun and fertile soil and will provide abundant cut-flowers once established.   Pinks - Easy to grow. Wonderfully scented garden or cut flowers. Bright and cheerful addition to your garden or bouquets. Great easy care and colour for  Part Sun to Part Shade.   Bee Balm - A slow spreading plant that has a great aroma. Sprinkle its leaves and flowers in fruit salads. Good plant for poor, well drained soil. It has a unique flowering habit, funky seed heads which makes it a gorgeous as a cut flower. Butterflies and hummingbirds love this plant and it is drought tolerant and deer resistant. Note that the bergamot herb is not the source of bergamot oil.
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(Echinacea purpurea)   (Dianthus)   (Monarda didyma)

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