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Type: Annual
Seed #: 501
Common Name: Scarlet Flax
Latin Name: linum grandiflorum rubrum
Variety: Scarlet
Colour: Red
Temperature: 10C - 18C (50F - 64F) (Zone 2)
Blooms: 45 days
Site: Full Sun/Part Shade
Height: 12cm - 24cm (5" - 9")
Spread: 3cm - 30cm (1" - 12")
Seeds per pack: 0
Price: $0.00

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Scarlet Flax

Notes: These scarlet beauties put on quite the show, with their masses of brilliant red flowers, that will last throughout the summer. Scarlet Flax also produces an edible seed, grow in almost any loose soil and has proven the drought resistant. Its striking red is sought after for its ease of use in beds, borders, baskets and planters. Hummingbirds and Bee magnet.

Instructions: Direct sow 2 to 3 mm deep after the last frost.Can be pre-sown and transplanted after the first set of true leaves appear.

History: Native to North America and Southern Europe.

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