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These are all the Organic Seeds available from Brother Nature that are White in color or have White in the mix.
Also available Purity Variety Pack.

Foxglove Mix - This  variety produces spires of white and pink tubular florets with vividly speckled throats. Flowers 1st year from early sowing fall sowing. Plants are hardy bi-ennials. Useful in a wild flower garden as it self sows easily. Ancients  founded the medicinal uses that are still used today in the treatment of heart problems. Hummingbirds love the early and late blooms. Cut flowering stems down to the ground to encourage second spikes. - Click for more details!
Seed: Foxglove Mix
Latin: Digitalis
Variety: Mix
Colour: White & Pink & Yellow
Bloom: May to August
Site: Part Shade
Quantity: 150 Seeds
Zone: 2
Lychnis Maltese Cross - Striking contrast between the white and red 3 inch flower globes against bright green, lance shaped leaves  , borne on stiffly erect stems. Plant in masses for optimum wow factor.  - Click for more details!
Seed: Lychnis Maltese Cross
Latin: Lychnus chalcedonica
Variety: Maltese Cross
Colour: red and white mix
Bloom: July to September
Site: Full Sun
Quantity: 100 Seeds
Zone: 4
Snow in Summer - Hardy, dwarf ,trailing and drought tolerant plants with silvery foliage, covered in a blanket of white blossoms. Great for rock gardens and walls. Early bloomer. Sheer spent flowers to promote further blooms. - Click for more details!
Seed: Snow in Summer
Latin: Cerastium tomentosum
Variety: Snow Cap
Colour: White
Bloom: May to June
Site: Full Sun
Quantity: 100 Seeds
Zone: 2

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