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Cut-Flower Collection
For less than the price of a dozen roses, you’ll have an abundance of cut flower bouquets all season long. These plants were also selected for their height differentials in order to provide contrast & dimension in your garden. This collection provides a mix of color,and textures for mixing or massing in arrangements.

Delphinium Mixed Colors - This mix is full of deep and pastel colours. Cut the flowers to encourage more blooms. Hummingbirds and Bees love the rich colour and nectar of these show stoppers. Delphinium makes a stunning statement in any garden or bouquet.
Delphinium Mixed Colors
(Delphinium elatum)
Gloriosa Daisy - Gloriosa daisy produces loads of super colourful yellow to orange flowers with maroon red centers in various blends. Superb for large containers or beds, dry conditions or poor soil and it will perennialize in warmer climates. There is a powerful attraction for beneficial bees and butterflies and its mix of colours makes it an absolutely striking cut-flower.
Gloriosa Daisy
(Rudbeckia hirta)
Snapdragon Mix - Many of us remember and love Snapdragons from our childhood. They are easy to grow, cold hardy, free flowering, sweetly scented and make an excellent cut-flower. The blooms are a special adaptation of nature that allows the bumblebee to be the only pollinator strong enough to open them. Snapdragons are deer resistant and self-sow making them a perfect pick for wildflower gardens and rural areas. Blooms June to heavy frost.
Snapdragon Mix
(Antirrhinum majus)
Sunflower - Superflora  - Easy to grow. A delight for children and good for the garden as it attracts beneficial wildlife. Produces a flower stem at every node making it perfect for plentiful cut flowers and producing high oil content birdseed. Very sturdy in poor soil.
Sunflower - Superflora
(Helianthus annum)
Sweet Peas - These sweet, sweet, Sweet Peas will bring you back to when you were a child and first noticed flowers could smell good. Produces spicy-sweet blooms in a wide range of colours. Plant in early Spring and cut often to encourage blooms all summer long. Perfect for confined spaces and does well in large pots.
Sweet Peas
(Lathurus odoratus)
Sweet William - Very compact plants in red, pink and white in a variety of colour combinations that bring a cheery feel to any garden and bouquet.Scented!
Sweet William
(Dianthus barbatus)
Zinnia -  Pumila provides loads of huge, bright and cheery (2.5-3
Zinnia - Elegance with colourful class. Best cut flower and a personal favourite. Zinnias slender stems and the bright green leaves boast 1 to 1.5-inch flowers, with jagged bands of intense colours of fiery yellows, oranges and reds and white. It creates a brilliant effect planted in rows or in masses in bed and borders. Excellent selection for fresh cut flowers until the last frost. You can't miss this faithful producer. Easy to Grow.

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We designed these packs to make it easier to plan a garden. Plan your garden in a few clicks by acquiring one or several of these unique Variety Packs. Smart choice for first time or seasoned gardener.You will Save Money, the space you are planting will look fabulous with the specailly selected varieites in each pack. All varieities in the Variety Pack Collections are individually packaged, giving you full control of the amount of each herb, vegetable, tomato or flower you wish to grow. There is enough seed in every pack to guarantee an amazing result, or even share with a friend!

The individual packages of seeds (complete with instruction ) comes with an attractive white envelope, with the name and photo of each variety printed on the front. Makes a great gift for that special gardener in your life!

  • If you choose to store unused seed, please provide a cool dry & dark place for next year. The fridge is a great place to store seed. Keeping the seeds cold, keeps them dormant so they can save all their energy for the following season
  • Canadian orders only for Variety Packs due to International regulations.
Sample Envelope Only - The seeds in the your chosen variety are displayed in the images :

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