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Winter Vegetable Garden
Warmer climates only.These cold hardy vegetables and greens are perfect to fill empty beds for your winter garden. Plant in late Summer and early Fall and harvest in fall when fresh garden produce is at it's most expensive in the store. Live the 100 mile diet lifestyle at it's finest. Be sure to check out our other Vegetable Collection!

Broccoli - Italian - Italian Heirloom broccoli dating to 1890. 3 to 5 inch central head with abundant side shoots. Vigorous emerald green, cold hardy plants with a long harvest period.
Broccoli - Italian
(Brassica oleracea)
Brussels Sprouts -  Favoured for its compact size and tightly spaced leaves and sprouts. Harvest after a frost for the sweetest flavour. Best cooked in a pot with the lid off. Sweet and tasty! In warmer climates, if left to grow the second year, they produce an explosion of beautiful yellow flowers in early Spring. This will encourage the early pollinators in your garden to stay all season so we recommend leaving a few stalks in the ground to see this stunning display. The flowers then turn to seed pods, that looks like a cluster of tiny bean pods. Let just a few dry on the plant and harvest when   pod is browned off. Just a few pods will be sufficient to restock your seed collection for free. If you do collect for seed it is important that only 1 type of brassica is in bloom at the same time. This is especially true for small garden spaces.
Brussels Sprouts
(Brassica oleacea)
Dutch Broadleaf Cress - Quick growing, cold hardy salad green similar to watercress. You can harvest the large, glossy globed shaped leaves in only 1 month. Leaves have a peppery flavour and are high in Vitamin C making them an excellent addition in mixed salads and sandwiches. Self-sows if left to go to seed.
Dutch Broadleaf Cress
(Barbarrea verna)
Kale Red Russian - Siberian Kale to provide cool season greens straight from your garden. Easy, delicious and high in vitamins and fibre. Also, use in soups, stir-fries or as an attractive garnish. Very cold hardy.
Kale Red Russian
(Brassica oleracea)
Rainbow Swiss Chard - We sell out of this very quickly every year. Its attractive Orange, Pink, Red & Yellow and white veined stems are a salad and garnish lovers best friend. An outstanding edible and ornamental cold hardy plant that adds colour to salads, garnishes and cooked vegetables dishes. All parts of this plant are edible and high in vitamin content and fibre. Tasty fresh or cooked, pick the outer leaves and allow this biennial to continue growing.

The second image is of Swiss Chard in its second year. A stunning focal point even if you're not a fan of eating it. The seed heads are even more interesting and a great natural bird feeder if you're not planning on saving the seeds.
Rainbow Swiss Chard
(Beta vulgaris)
Spinach -Red Mountain Orach  -  Adds texture, colour and flavour to salads. Red Mountain Spinach can grow to  5 or 6 feet making it an attractive edible plant whose succulent leaves do not bitter if they bolt. Produces a beautiful bloom, so if you're able, let one bolt on purpose. The seed provided by the plant will attract beneficial birds and insects to your garden as well as provide you with an attractive conversation piece. Grows best in a sunny and well-drained location. Sow seed directly when earth can be worked and temperatures and after the last frost. The leaves are extremely tender when harvested young.
Spinach -Red Mountain Orach
(Atriplex hortensis)
Walking Stick Cabbage - A tasty and fun plant to grow in the vegetable garden. People have been making walking sticks from these plants for centuries. Prefers rich, moist soil until established for best results. Harvest the leaves which grow along the stock as needed. Provide a moist, well-fertilized soil and shelter. Harvest edible leaves from bottom up from September to October and through winter in mild climates. Plants that overwinter will increase in height in the second year before blooming.
Walking Stick Cabbage
(Brassica oleracea longata)
Watercress - Watercress is highly prized for its vitamin content and distinctive peppery taste. and crisp texture. Best grown near free-flowing water, in a container without drainage or in a winter garden where the moisture content is the highest.
(Nasturtium Officianle)

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We designed these packs to make it easier to plan a garden. Plan your garden in a few clicks by acquiring one or several of these unique Variety Packs. Smart choice for first time or seasoned gardener.You will Save Money, the space you are planting will look fabulous with the specailly selected varieites in each pack. All varieities in the Variety Pack Collections are individually packaged, giving you full control of the amount of each herb, vegetable, tomato or flower you wish to grow. There is enough seed in every pack to guarantee an amazing result, or even share with a friend!

The individual packages of seeds (complete with instruction ) comes with an attractive white envelope, with the name and photo of each variety printed on the front. Makes a great gift for that special gardener in your life!

  • If you choose to store unused seed, please provide a cool dry & dark place for next year. The fridge is a great place to store seed. Keeping the seeds cold, keeps them dormant so they can save all their energy for the following season
  • Canadian orders only for Variety Packs due to International regulations.
Sample Envelope Only - The seeds in the your chosen variety are displayed in the images :

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