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These are all the Organic Seeds available from Brother Nature that are Orange in color or have Orange in the mix. Also available Orange Glow Variety Pack.

Alstroemeria - Beautifully bi-coloured and veined, these deer resistant, and scented flowers are a must have for any cut-flower enthusiast as they are a common bouquet filler. The plants are rhizomatous perennials. Once the seed has formed a rhizome the young plant starts growing from the main rhizome. Each year another 5 to 7 rhizomes form from the main rhizome, giving it the ability to send up between 50 to 70 flowering stems per year once established. This seed is not certified but grown in the same garden. - Click for more details!
Seed: Alstroemeria
Latin: Alstroemeria aurantiaca
Variety: Peruvian Lily
Colour: Orange & Bronze
Bloom: May to June
Site: Full Sun or Part Shade
Quantity: 15 Seeds
Zone: 9
Beet - Golden - Sweeter and less
Seed: Beet - Golden
Latin: Beta vulgaris
Variety: Burpees Detroit Golden Beet
Colour: Golden Orange
Matures: 55-65 Days
Site: Full Sun
Quantity: 35 Seeds
Zone: 2
Cantaloupe - Produces medium size sweet fruit. A cantaloupe out of your garden is a much sweeter treat than the grocery store variety. Ample water and a warm sunny location work best. Produces 3-pound melons in 90 days, The flesh of this melon is sweet and firm, on vines can reach 6 feet long. Bury in tendrils and water for stronger vines and more robust fruit. - Click for more details!
Seed: Cantaloupe  
Variety: Hearts of Gold
Colour: orange
Matures: 120 days
Site: Full Sun
Quantity: 10 Seeds
Zone: 2
Carrots - Danvers  - Tasty tapering semi blunted ends. Very suitable for home gardeners needs. Easy to grow.  Carrots thrive when planted near lettuce, chives, leeks, rosemary, sage, peas and wormwood.  - Click for more details!
Seed: Carrots - Danvers
Variety: Half Longs
Colour: Orange
Matures: 68 Days
Site: Full Sun
Quantity: 100 Seeds
Zone: 2
Carrots - Nantes  - Very sweet, smooth, bright orange skin. Excellent for fresh, frozen and canning. Stores well. - Click for more details!
Seed: Carrots - Nantes
Latin: Daucus Carota
Variety: Nantes Scarlet
Colour: Orange
Matures: 68 days
Site: Full Sun
Quantity: 100 Seeds
Zone: 2
Gloriosa Daisy - Produces loads of super colourful yellow to orange flowers with maroon red centers in various blends. Superb for large containers or beds, dry conditions or poor soil and it will perennialize in warmer climates. Attracts bees and butterflies and is a wonderful cut-flower. - Click for more details!
Seed: Gloriosa Daisy
Latin: Rudbeckia hirta
Variety: Gloriosa
Colour: yellow to orange
Bloom: July to September
Site: Full sun
Quantity: 65 Seeds
Zone: 2
Marigold - Marigolds are a versatile, easy to grow plant. These outstanding bug repelling, deer resistant plants produce masses of bi-colored red, yellow & orange blooms.These beauties start blooming only weeks after seeding. Great for a child's garden, beds, borders, baskets and containers. - Click for more details!
Seed: Marigold
Latin: Tagetes patula
Variety: Dwarf French
Colour: Orange,reds,yellow
Bloom: May to September
Site: Full Sun or Part Shade
Quantity: 75 Seeds
Zone: 2
Poppy - Welsh  - Tough pest-resistant plants that produce an abundance of flowers in white, soft pinks and reds in solid and bicolours! Great for cutting. Grows 9 to 12 inch stems and flowers quick in colder climates. Tolerates poor soil. Long bloom period, self-sows and attracts butterflies. - Click for more details!
Seed: Poppy - Welsh
Latin: papaver
Variety: Semi double orange
Colour: Orange
Bloom: May to June
Site: Full Sun
Quantity: 100 Seeds
Zone: 2
Strawflower - Picture shown is of the dried flower heads. The colour of dried flowers is much more vibrant. Very easy to grow bright, straw-like textured flowers on long sturdy stems, Colors range from red, orange, yellow and white. Truly amazing staying power as a cut or dried flower. Used extensively in decorating and crafts. To dry strawflower, cut flowers before itís head is fully open and hang upside down in a cool dark airy room.

Surface sow in early Spring as seed requires light to germinate. - Click for more details!
Seed: Strawflower
Latin: Helichrysum bracteatum
Variety: Jeweled Wonder Mix
Colour: Orange, Red, Yellow & White
Bloom: June to September
Site: Full Sun
Quantity: 100 Seeds
Zone: 2
Sub Arctic Maxi Tomato - A very early producing bush type plant that does not need pruning. 2 to 3
Seed: Sub Arctic Maxi Tomato
Latin: Lycopersicon esculentum
Variety: Sub Arctic Maxi (Det)
Colour: Orange Red
Matures: June-Oct. 48-60 Days
Site: Full Sun
Quantity: 25 Seeds
Zone: 2
Wallflower - Scented goddess. The perfect border plant that is great in beds. This early, lengthy bloomer provides masses of sweetly scented flowers in marbled and solid colours. Plant in a sunny, open position in well-drained fertile soil. Cut back after blooming leaving only a few leaves on each stem. Spectacular cut-flower. The incredible aroma easily fills a room. Very easy to grow and deer resistant. Great early Spring scent and colour. Will bloom early as  February in warm climates. - Click for more details!
Seed: Wallflower
Latin: Erysimum cheiri
Variety: Monarch Fair Lady
Colour: Red,Yellow,Orange Mix
Bloom: May to July
Site: Full Sun or Part Shade
Quantity: 100 Seeds
Zone: 8
Zinnia - A  tough plant and easy to grow. Producing a mix of single, semi and fully double flowers, in shades of pinks, scarlet, yellow, orange and cream, lavender and white. Perfect for middle placements in beds and superior in colours for cut flower arrangements.  - Click for more details!
Seed: Zinnia  
Latin: Zinnia elegans
Variety: Rainbow Mix
Colour: Orange & Pink & Yellow
Bloom: June to August
Site: Full Sun or Part Shade
Quantity: 100 Seeds
Zone: 3

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