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Type: Vegetable
Seed #: 158
Common Name: Easter Egg Radish
Latin Name: Raphanus sativus
Variety: Heritage
Colour: Red, white,purple,pink
Temperature: 10C - 20C (50F - 68F) (Zone 2)
Blooms: 25 days
Site: Part Shade
Height: 50cm - 60cm (20" - 24")
Spread: 4cm - 6cm (2" - 2")
Quantity: 140 Seeds
Price: $3.99

Certified Canada Organic

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Easter Egg Radish

Notes: A selection of uniformly sized radishes that matures in 25 days. They add great colour, flavour, Vitamin A & C to salads and meals. Try eating the seed pod after the plant has bolted. radish can be planted to discourage cucumber beetle, squash bug, and stink bug. Staggered plantings can provide fresh radish all season.

Instructions: Direct sow. 5 mm deep in early Spring when the earth can be worked. Root vegetables are cool-season lovers so enjoy and perform better with a cool start. Direct sow and space accordingly or thin to suit. Keep the soil lightly hilled around the bases of plants if they emerge. Succession sowing is a fun practice that encourages you to sow seeds every time you harvest continuous crops

History: Ancient records in Egypt show that radishes were a common food staple. It is believed that radishes made their first appearance in China around 500 BC. The ancient Chinese selectively bred them until they acquired ones with a milder taste and a long root. Many forms of the radish were developed after the radish was reintroduced to Asia in 1548.

Medicinal: Eating fresh radish before mealtime improves digestion and eliminates acidity and wind. Eating radish daily is very effective for preventing eyesight ailments.

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Radish - Alta Globe  - Bright red round with medium to tall tops. Makes a great center row.  This heritage radish can be planted to discourage cucumber beetle, squash bug, and stink bug. Radish seed and its greens are also a delicious addition to your salads. Let a few in your patch bloom and then go to seed. You can eat the pods while green and they still have that same great radish taste or you can let the seeds ripen up and add them to your salad as a tasty garnish.   Beans - Royal Purple  - This semi-bush bean produces big dark purple pods that turn green after 2 minutes of cooking. Makes a perfect indicator for blanching and freezing at home. EXCELLENT FLAVOR! Beans are high in dietary fibre, protein and are an excellent source of iron, potassium, selenium, thiamine, vitamin B6, and folic acid.   Giant Orange Chinese Amaranth - Large attractive plants with edible leaves that produce up to 1 pound of edible nutritious seeds per plant. Easy to grow and attractive in all types of gardens. Produces giant golden orange seeds heads suitable for dried arrangements. Also known as Chinese spinach. Harvest leaves and stems for fresh eating or lightly cooked. Excellent source of carotene, iron, calcium, protein, vitamin C and minerals.
Radish - Alta Globe   Beans - Royal Purple   Giant Orange Chinese Amaranth
(Raphanus sativus)   (Vicia faba)   (amaranthus caudatus)

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