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Type: Vegetable
Seed #: 384
Common Name: Carrots - Solar Yellow
Latin Name: Daucus carota sativa
Variety: Solar Yellow
Colour: Orange
Temperature: 15C - 20C (59F - 68F) (Zone 2)
Blooms: 40 - 50 days
Site: Full Sun
Height: 5cm - 7cm (2" - 3")
Spread: 6cm - 7cm (2" - 3")
Quantity: 100 Seeds
Price: $3.99
Plant these to encourage birds and butterflies to visit your garden frequently.

Certified Canada Organic

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Carrots - Solar Yellow

Notes: This carrot has a golden yellow colour with crisp, sweet flesh. You really should try it. We know you will be pleasantly surprised by its harvest size and taste. Solar Yellow carrot produces 6 to 7 in. long carrots that should be planted in rock-free soil. Great in raised beds. Plant from Spring to Summer in staggered batches for continuous fresh produce. Carrots thrive when planted near lettuce, chives, leeks, rosemary, sage, peas and wormwood.

Instructions: Direct sow carrots outdoors 1 cm deep when the earth can be worked. Sow Marigolds in the next row to ensure a larger and healthier harvest.

Habitat: Does best in deep, rich, loamy, evenly moist planting medium. Ensuring your soil in your carrots plot is rich, light and well-drained will reap its rewards. Also, be sure to move the carrots plot each year to deter the carrot fly life cycle. Planting Marigold rows throughout your carrot patch(or down either side of your row) deters the carrot fly by using the scent of the marigold to mask the smell of the newly forming carrots.

History: Said to originate in the Middle East in the 900's.

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