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Type: Vegetable
Seed #: 411
Common Name: Carrots - Danver Half long
Latin Name:
Variety: Half Longs
Colour: Orange
Temperature: 10C - 18C (50F - 64F) (Zone 2)
Blooms: 68 Days
Site: Full Sun
Height: 16cm - 20cm (6" - 8")
Spread: 15cm - 30cm (6" - 12")
Quantity: 100 Seeds
Price: $3.99
Plant these to encourage birds and butterflies to visit your garden frequently.

Certified Canada Organic

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Carrots - Danver Half long

Notes: Tasty tapering semi blunted ends. Very suitable for home gardeners needs. Easy to grow. Carrots thrive when planted near lettuce, chives, leeks, rosemary, sage, peas and wormwood.

Instructions: Direct sow carrots outdoors 1.5 inches deep when the earth can be worked. The bed should be worked deep into the soil to allow the carrot to grow unencumbered by tightly packed soil. Thin to 2" per plant and spread rows 15" apart for best results.

Habitat: Prefers a rich,well-drained, full sun location. Plant marigolds in alternate rows to deter carrot fly. If you let carrots go to seed you will find that their flowers attract butterflies like a magnet. Carrots take two years to flower but are not a commonly seen flower and worth waiting for. Especially if there are several. Flower heads can be dried and used in arrangements.

History: Carrots were first cultivated in the Mediterranean in 500 BC. They were purple, yellow and white. In the 17th century, Japan developed the carrot we see in grocery stores today.

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Carrots - Nantes  - Very sweet, smooth, bright orange skin. Excellent for fresh, frozen and canning. Stores well.   Brussel Sprouts - Favoured for its compact size and tightly spaced leaves and sprouts. Harvest after a frost for the sweetest flavour. Best cooked in a pot with the lid off. Sweet and tasty! In warmer climates, if left to grow the second year, they produce an explosion of beautiful yellow flowers in early Spring. This will encourage the early pollinators in your garden to stay all season so we recommend leaving a few stalks in the ground to see this stunning display. The flowers then turn to seed pods, which look like a cluster of tiny bean pods. Let just a few dry on the plant and harvest when the pod is browned off. Just a few pods will be sufficient to restock your seed collection for free. If you do collect for seed it is important that only one type of brassica is in bloom at the same time. This is especially true for small garden spaces.   Arugula - Cold hardy annual salad green. Self-sows if left to go to seed in warmer climates. That quality makes it a great addition to a salad lover's garden as it is a perpetual cycle that consistently provides dark green leaves have a strong spicy flavour and aroma. Plant in late August for early spring harvest. Sow every 2 to 3 weeks when harvesting for a steady supply for your salads and garnishes. Goes very well in Pesto. May also be sauteed in olive oil. Tasty!!
Carrots - Nantes   Brussel Sprouts   Arugula
(Daucus Carota)   (Brassica oleacae)   (Eruca vesicaria sativa)

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