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Organic Heirloom Vegetable Herb Annual and Perennial Seeds. - Brother Nature's Organic Seed produces strong, Certified Organic, heirloom and heritage seeds to the home gardener.
Organic Herb Seeds - 28 Organic Herbs seeds to choose from. Herb gardening creates diversity, scent and texture in your garden space.
Organic Vegetable Seeds - 60 varieties of Brothernature Organic Seed available. Many are Heritage and Heirloom vegetable seed. Including Pole Beans, Bush Bean, Scarlet Runner Beans and Stringless Green Beans and the better known Kidney beans. We also carry Heirloom Peas, Sugar peas and Snap peas, radishes, lettuce and other interesting colourful Salad Greens like Red Orach, Swiss chard and Flowering chives
Organic Annual Seeds - Brothernature organic annuals range from fragrant and beneficial insect attracting to cut flowers and border or focal plants. Nastursium, Evening scented stock, Marigolds, Edible chrysanthemum, Sunflowers and Shoofly are just a few of the beneficial annuals we offer.
Organic Perennial Seeds - Brothernature offers many varieties of organic perennial seed that are scented, drought tolerant, deer resistant and will add height or depth, texture and diversity to your garden. Alstroemeria, Dianthus, African blue eye daisy, Gas plant, Coreopsis, Wallflower, Snow in Summer, Pyrethrum Daisy are popular selections. We have over 70 varieties to choose from.
Blue Flower Garden Seeds - True Blue flower seeds.
Variety packs to help you design your garden for. Easy instruction,Seperately packaged. - These organic Variety Pack Collections are designed to help you create that Perfect Garden Space in a few easy steps.
Organic Seeds for Companion Planting. - Companion plants that offer a natural way to control pests and attract beneficial insect to assist in pollination.
Seeds that provide an abundance of cut flower plants. - Highly popular annuals and perennials that make excellent cut flowers.
Organic seeds that attract Beneficial Insects - Seeds available from Brother Nature that attract Beneficial Birds, Butterflies and other Insects that help create a balanced eco-system in your garden.
Deer Resistant Seeds - Are you discouraged from gardening because of the deer in your area? We have the answer. The selections below are of deer resistant plants you can sow/grow in your garden. Although there are not any plants that are completely deer proof, there are many varieties that deer would prefer not to eat due to their foliage & aroma. You can have a beautiful garden.
Deer and Drought Tolerant Seeds - An extensive list of all deer resistant and drought tolerant plants combined
Dried Flower Seeds - A list of all seeds available that produce a dried flower for stunning dried flower arrangements..
Drought Tolerant Seeds - Excellent list of seeds that produce drought tolerant plants.
Links - Links to other great sites recommended by Brother Nature.
Orange Flower Garden Seeds - Brothernature Organic Seed Variety Pack of seed with an eye popping orange color theme.
Pink Flower Garden Seeds - Brothernature Organic Seed Variety Pack of seeds hosting an all pink theme.
Purple Flower Garden Seeds - Brothernature Organic Seed Variety Packs of seeds with a mix of purple shades that will make your neighbours green with envy.
Red Flower Garden Seeds - Brothernature Organic Variety Packs of seeds boasting different shades of red.
Restricted Seeds - Some seeds cannot be shipped to the USA.
Scented Flower Garden Seeds - A list of all organic seeds available from Brother Nature that produce a scented flower or plant
Search - Brother Nature Organic Seed Search
Shipping and Ordering from Brother Nature - Shipping and ordering information for Brother Nature Organic Seeds.
USA Buyer Confidence Page - This page is designed to allow US buyers to purchase seed with confidence that they are not bringing in restricted seed or seed that requires a phytosanitary certificate into the United States.
Sitemap - Our old text sitemap for the benefit of some search engines.
Thank You - Thank you page for PayPal buyers.
Unique and affordable Wedding Favors - EcoFriendly Organic Wedding favor seed packets.This gift to your guests is a beautiful, fragrant garden that returns every year bigger and better.
White Flower Garden Seeds - These are all the Organic Seeds available from Brother Nature that are White in color or have White in the mix.
Wild Flower Garden Seeds - These are Brother Nature’s offering of self sowing flowers. Self sowing capabilities may vary in different zones. Self sowing annual and perennial plants provide a gardener with a very low maintenance space that will reappear every year as if by magic....
Yellow Flower Garden Seeds - All Seeds available from Brother Nature that are yellow in color or have yellow in the mix.
About Brother Nature Organic Seeds - The Brother Nature Story: Homegrown on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.
Organic Gardening and Soil tips - Organic Tips and Tricks for a Healthier Biodiverse Garden
Contact information for Brother Nature - Contact BrotherNature Organic Seeds
Wedding favor images - Images and comments of Wedding Favors from previous clients
Seedy Saturday Events 2013 - Seedy Saturday Events
Sowing Seeds and Transplanting Seedlings - Tips for successful seed sowing.
Locating Your Microclimate - Tips on locating your gardens microclimate
organic Tomatoe plants - Certified Organic Tomato plants for sale.
Quick Search - Brother Nature Organic Seed Quick Search
Our Garden - Brother Natures Gardens.
Gift Certificates - The perfect gift for the gardener in your life. Gift certificates for organic seed.
Organic Seed Media - Brothernature Organic Seeds Media and News
New Seed Stock - New organic seed for sale
Plants for Sale - Perennial,Shrubs,Trees,Herbs
Bird Cam - Videos andimages of bird on Vancouver Island.
Vegetable Planting Chart - Brother Nature Vegetable Planting Chart
Organic Seeds Zone 2 only - Certified Organic Seed for Zone 2
Organis Seed for zones 2 and 3 - Certified Organic Seed for Zones 2 and 3
Organic Seed For Zones 4 and under - Certified Organic Seeds for Zones 4 and under
Organic Seed for Zoned 5 and under - Certified Organic Seeds for Zones 4 and under
Organic Seed Zone 6 - Certified Organic seed ,Zone 6
Organic Seed Zone 7 - Certified Organic Seed for Zone 7
Organic Seed Zone 8 - Certified Organic Seed foe Zone 8
Organic Seeds Zone 9 - Certified Organic Seed for Zone 9
Organic Seed Certified Organic Seed Zone 10 - Organic Seed for Zone 10
About Brother Nature Seeds - All about Brother Nature
Strictly Tomatoes! - Tomatoes!
Grow Zones - Zones you can grow in
Media Page - Media contacts for
Seeds by Zone - Displays a list of all seeds filtered by hardiness zone
Certified Organic Consulting - Certified Organic Consulting Service
Contest - contest page
Brother Nature News - Current News about Brother Nature
Organic Seed Sale - deals on organic seed
Seedy Saturday 2019 - Apperances for Brother Nature Organic Seeds for Spring 2019
Seedy Saturday 2020 - Apperances for Brother Nature Organic Seeds for Spring 2020


Beans - Scarlet Runner - Heirloom - (Phaseolus coccineus)
Foxglove - Pink - Mystic - (Digitalis purpurea)
Kale Red Siberian - Red Russian - (Brassica rapus)
Alstroemeria - Peruvian Lily - (Alstroemeria aurantiaca)
Alyssum - Gold Dust - (Alyssum saxatile)
Alyssum - Sweet - Snow Bank - (Lobularia maritima)
Amaranthus - Burgandy Grain - (Amaranthus caudatus)
Angels Fishing Rod - Heirloom - (Dierama pulcherrimum)
Bachelor Button - Cornflower - (Centaurea cyanus)
Basil - Genovese - Genovese - (Ocimum basilcum)
Basil - Lemon - Lemon - (Ocimum basilicum)
Basil - Lime - Lime - (Ocimum americanum)
Basil - Sweet - Large Italian Leaf - (Ocimum basilcum)
Basil - Thai Licorice - Thai - (Ocimum basilicum)
Beans - Appaloosa Shelling - a.k.a Jacobs Dry Cattle Bean - (Phaseolus vulgaris)
Beans - Kidney - Bush Bean - (Phaseolus vulgaris)
Beans - Royal Purple - Heirloom Pole - (Vicia faba)
Beet - Detroit Red - Detroit Red - (Beta vulgaris)
Beet - Golden - Burpees Detroit Golden Beet - (Beta vulgaris)
Beet - Green Top Bunching Beet - Bunching Beet - (Beta vulgaris)
Black Cherry Tomato - Black Cherry Heritage Tomato - (Heritage Tomato)
Brussels Sprouts - Heirloom Long Island - (Brassica oleacea)
Cabbage - Red Acre - (Brassica oleracea)
Cabbage - All Seasons - (Brassica oleracea)
Cantaloupe - Hearts of Gold - ()
Canterbury Bells - Blue Bells (Peachleaf) - (Campanula carpatica)
Cardoon - Species plant - (Cardoon cardunculus)
Carrots - Danvers - Half Longs - ()
Carrots - Nantes - Nantes Scarlet - (Daucus Carota)
Castor Bean Mix - Ornamental - (Ricinus communis)
Catnip - Catnip - (Nepeta Cataria)
Cerinthe - Major Blue - (Cerinthe major purpurascens)
Chervil - Biennial Herb - (Anthriscus cerefoilum)
Cilantro - - (Coriandrum sativum)
Cilantro Lemon - Lemon - (coriandrum)
Columbine Mix - Superb Variety Mix - (Aquilegia)
Coreopsis - Summer Sun - (Coreopsis lanceolata)
Coreopsis - Ticseed - (coreopsis x hybrida)
Corn - Peaches & Cream - Heirloom - (Heirloom Zea mays)
Corn - Japanese Ornamental - Ornamental - (Zea Mays)
Cosmo Mix - Seashell Mix - (Cosmos bipinnatus)
Dahlia Mix - Dahlia Mix - (Dahlia variabilis)
Daikon Radish - Daikon - (Rhaphanus sativus)
Daisy - Edible Shingiku - Edible Shingiku Daisy - (coronarium)
Delphinium - Mixed Blues - (Delphinium)
Delphinium Mixed Colors - Pacific Giants - (Delphinium elatum)
Dutch Broadleaf Cress - Dutch Cress - (Barbarrea verna)
Evening Primrose - - (Oenothera biennis)
Fennel - Florence - (Foeniculum vulgare)
Foxglove - Foxglove - (digitalis purpurea alba)
Foxglove Mix - Mix - (Digitalis)
Ghost Cherry Tomato - Ghost Cherry - (Solanum lycopersicum)
Gloriosa Daisy - Gloriosa - (Rudbeckia hirta)
Godetia - Satin Star Mix - (Clarkia amoena)
Holy Basil - Medicinal Basil - (ocimum tenuiflorum)
Kale - Curly Leaf - ()
Lambs Ear - herbaceous perennial - (Byzantine stachys)
Lavender-Unique Spanish Mix - Spanish Mix - ()
Lemon Balm - Herbal Remedy Plant - (Melissa officinalis)
Lettuce - Buttercrunch - Buttercrunch - (Lactuca sativa)
Lettuce - Oak Leaf - Heirloom - (Lactuca sativa)
Lettuce Lolla Rosa - Lolla Rosa - (Lactuca sativa)
Lettuce Speckles - Speckles - (Lactus sativa)
Lettuce Summer Bibb - Summer Bibb - (Lactuca sativa)
Love in a Mist - Miss Jekyll - (Nigella damascena)
Love in a Mist - Persian Jewel - (Nigella damascena)
Lychnis - Rose Campion - (Lychnis coronaria)
Lychnis Maltese Cross - Maltese Cross - (Lychnus chalcedonica)
Lychnus - Alba - (Lychnus coronaria)
Malva - Musk Mallow - (Malva sylvestris)
Marigold - Dwarf French - (Tagetes patula)
Mignonette - Bee Hive - (Reseda odorata)
Money Plant - Bi-ennial - (lunaria annua)
Money Plant - Bi-ennial - (Lunaria alba)
Morning Glory - Grand Pa Ott - (Ipomoea purpurea)
Morning Glory - Carnival De Venezia - (impomea)
Morning Glory - Venice Pink - (impomea)
Mountain Princess Tomato - Mountain Princess - (Lycopersicon esculentum)
Nicotiana - Pure White - Flowering Tobacco - (Nicotiana sylvestris)
Nicotiana/Scented - Heirloom Mix - (Nicotiana sylvestris)
Onion - Leeks - Heirloom Giant Musselburgh - (Allium ampeloprasum)
Onion - Red Globe - - (allium cepa 'Burgundy')
Onion - Walla Walla - Walla Walla - (Alium cepa)
Onion - Welsh - Species - (Allium fistulosum)
Painted Sage - Childs Mix - (Salvia Horminum)
Parsley - Moss Curled - (Petroselinum sativum)
Parsnips - - (Parsnips)
Peas - Edible Russian Soup - Soup Peas - (Pisum sativum)
Peas - Tall Telephone - Tall Telephone - (Pisum sativum)
Peas Oregon Sugar - Oregon Sugar - (Pisum sativum)
Poppy - Black Swan Lace - Black Swan Lace - ()
Poppy - Welsh - Semi double orange - (papaver)
Prairie Mallow - Meadow Sidalcea - (Sidalcea campestris)
Prarie Mallow - Rose Queen - (Sidalcea malviflora)
Quinoa - Chenopodium album - (Chenopodium)
Radish - Alta Globe - Heritage - (Raphanus sativus)
Radish - Black Spanish (Rare) - Black Spanish - ()
Radish - Daikon Radish - longipinnatus - (Raphanus sativus)
Radish - Green Meat - green meat - (Raphanus sativus)
Red Celery - Heirloom - (apium graveolens)
Red Giant Mustard - Heirloom - (Museum ardens)
Red Hot Poker - Torch Lily - (Kniphophia)
Red Pear Cherry Tomato - Red Pear - (Lycopersicon)
Red Romaine Lettuce - Devils Tongue - (Lactuca sativa logifolia)
Rosemary - - (Rosmarinus officinalis)
Salad Burnet - - (Sanguisorba poterium)
Savory - Winter - Winter - (Satureja officinalis)
Savoury - Summer - Herb - (S. hortensis)
Shasta Daisy - Alaska - (Chrysanthemum maxi.)
Shoo Fly Plant - Apple of Peru - (Nicandra Physaloides)
Snapdragon - Yellow - (Antirrhinum majus)
Squash - Butternut - (Cucurbita moschata)
Strawflower - Jeweled Wonder Mix - (Helichrysum bracteatum)
Sub Arctic Maxi Tomato - Sub Arctic Maxi (Det) - (Lycopersicon esculentum)
Sunflower - Russian Mammoth - (Helianthus annuus)
Sunflower - Giganteus - Giganteus - (Helianthus)
Sunflower - Superflora - Superflora - (Helianthus annum)
Sweet Rocket - Species - (Hesperis matronalis)
Sweet William - Wee Willie Mix - (Dianthus barbatus)
Tasmanian Chocolate Beefsteak Tomato - Tasmanian Chocolate (Semi-det.Dwarf) - (Lycopersicum solanum)
Tobacco - Burly - (Nicotiana tobaccum)
Tobacco - Ancient Hopi - Ancient Hopi - (Nicotiana rustica)
Trailing Snapdragon - Trailing - (antirrhirum majus)
Verbascum - Species - (verbascum olympicum)
Virginia Tobacco - Virginia - (nicotiana)
Walking Stick Cabbage - Heirloom - (Brassica oleracea longata)
Wallflower - Monarch Fair Lady - (Erysimum cheiri)
Watercress - - (Nasturtium Officianle)
Wild Celery - Angelica - (Angelica archangelica)
Winter Turnip - Laurentian - (Brassica napus)
Yarrow - Rosea - (Achillea millefolium)
Yellow Foxglove - - (Digitalis lutea)
Yellow Mustard - - (Sinapis alba)
Yellow Pear Tomato - Yellow Pear - (Lycopersicon)
Zinnia - Messicana - ()
Zinnia - Rainbow Mix - (Zinnia elegans)
Zucchini Squash - - (curcubita pepo)


Perennial Collection 1st Year produces flowers)

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